Event: Supercharge 10x your Developer Productivity with GenAI & Hubql

Event: Supercharge 10x your Developer Productivity with GenAI & Hubql
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The event has 3 parts:

  • Panelist Discussions
  • Workshops
  • Networking

Before we go to the summary, I would like to thank you all the panelists, speakers, and other participants who asked questions 😄.

Reference: Event's Slide
Reference: Event's Slide

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Let me summarize all of my learnings into key topics below:

Table of contents

  • Use-cases: Use GenAI to help with communications
  • Use-cases: Use GenAI to gain more understanding
  • Use-cases: Use GenAI with routine tasks
  • Use-cases: Use GenAI to generate ideas/data
  • Discussion


Use GenAI to help with communications

During the event, there is a discussion around communications when there is difficulty in communicating between different roles due to understanding alignment either between developers or non-developers.

There are the use of GenAI to

  • Help prepare meeting - Based on the agenda and documentation we have, anything I should know about before the meeting.
  • Summarize the meeting - Given the transcribe or meeting notes, can you help summarize it.
  • Formalize the sentences or email - Can you help refine the messages below to be more professional
  • Generate diagrams
    • There are a lot of tools, which developer use for communications, such as draw.io, miro, or mermaid. In addition, Hubql is a tool to help visualize your data schema, and the company mainly focuses on collaborations.
    • Moreover, there is a use-case, shared by K.Nonthapat (Spacely.AI), when he asks ChatGPT to generate mermaid code, then render and share it with others.
  • Generate UI
    • K.Nonthapat (Spacely.AI) also shared that, he uses v0.dev (see below) to generate UI when he would like to communicate with a Web Designer.
Example of mermaid quadrant diagram

Use GenAI to gain more understanding

During the event, there was also a workshop demo of the tools when we asked GenAI to explain the code, explain specific terms, or talk to video.

There are the use of GenAI to

  • Explain the code files, functions - when you reviewing a new repository, this will help you get up to speed. K.Vineet (Thoughtworks), show us the demonstration using Aider-chat.
  • Explain terms - Either business terms or technical terms. For example, during meeting, you may some question about a specific term, let’s say what is API? or financial terms, you can also ask GenAI to explain you like you’re five.
  • Gemini Video
    • K.Nutcha (Seven Peaks), shared that the feature of talking to Video from Gemini would be really helpful when we would like to learn something quickly.
Captured of Gemini 1.5 Pro which can read the video

Use GenAI with routine tasks

There is also a demo where the speaker shows how those developer tools can help boost productivity such as writing boiletplate code, writing tests, or generating documents.

    • Boilerplate - The autosuggestion feature will save you a lot of time, you start by typing a few characters, and then it completes the whole functions
    • Generate document - You can type /doc, if you use GitHub Copilot, then it will automatically generate the functions’ documentation for you.
    • Writing tests - Again, you can type /test, to generate the unit tests
Cool demo by Vasily Styazhkin

Use GenAI to generate ideas/data

For sure, with generative AI, they can generate information for you. Some of the highlighted use cases are to help with data synthesis.

    • Dr.Komes (KBTG), shared that, instead of doing 3+ months of data collections, KBTG's now experimenting with GenAI to synthesize the training dataset for machine learning model workflow.
In addition, I recently read the blog post by Eugene Yan, where he use Generative AI to generate synthetic data for finetuning.
After a quick search, there is also some SaaS (Gretel) building around the use case.
Capture from the demo of gretel

Developer tools

  • V0.dev - v0 is a generative user interface system by Vercel powered by AI, where you can type in English, and then get the React component, ready for copy-and-paste in your application.
Capture screenshot of v0.dev
  • Aider-Chat - An open-source alternative to Github Copilot, where are can ask any question based on your code. It integrated with OpenAI. However, you need an OpenAI API key to use it.
  • Github Copilot - Well known developers tools from Github, a great tools and may be the most adopted Generative AI software. However, it costs you $10 a month.
  • Google AI Studio
    • Structure Prompt - A few shot examples prompting with UI.
    • Rewriter - A VS code extension written by K.Thai (EventPop)
    • fewshot.vercel.app - A website similar to Structure Prompt, built by K.Thai as well.
Example of structure Prompt from Google AI Studio
  • Cursor - Unfortunately, the time is not enough for the speaker to share these tools.
  • Hubql - collaboration platform that can visualize data schemas such as Prisma files, JSON files or API schemas in GraphQL. It also provides a cLI to generate documentation links to share with others.
hero image - code, visualize and group
Screenshot of Hubql


There is a question from participants during the panelist session, related to security.

Question: Is there any concern, sharing your information, when your company using third party Generative AI, which some days these company may use your data against you.

Answer: There will be concerns for sure, specifically for enterprises. Any vendors or services who will be integrate with enterprises will need to meet the security standards. Some enterprises may consider building their own version of GenerativeAI for internal use, so the data won’t go outside.

Blurry photo during the event. (taken by me)


In short, this event will be helpful for any developers who looking to know more tools, the real demo, as well as explore the use cases and how GenAI can help boost your productivity from routine tasks to communicating.

And..yes, that would be all of my summary for this events. I hope it will be helpful for everyone 🥰.

If anything missing, or you would like to further discuss on Generative AI topic, feel free to reach out to me 😊. Happy to connect with all of you. 👋

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